Watersports Activities at Hardwick Parks

Please Note: Hardwick Parks lakes are for the sole use of paying guests only. We do not accept day visitors on the park.

Please read our Covid Secure Watersports Statement here.

Here at Hardwick Parks we offer a huge range of watersports activities suitable for all ages and abilities – from a novice to a seasoned professional. Our Watersports Office is open throughout the season until  from 10am daily. Please remember that booking in advance is essential at weekends and through the summer months, as we are always exceptionally busy and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy some time on the water during their stay.

Ringo Rides

Always a favourite amongst kids and adults alike, take to the water either one at a time, or several of you all at once – either way this is absolutely brilliant fun. See how long you can stay in your rubber ring being whizzed along behind a boat – we can be as gentle or as crazy as you like, but we find the faster you go the more fun there is to be had!

Single (5 mins per person) £18.00
Multi (5 mins per person) £15.00


If you want some time on the water but are after a more gentle option, then hire one of our kayaks and take yourself off around the lake. You provide the engine power, so the speed at which you go is totally up to you.  (Rigid hull kayaks cannot be used in swimming areas, please only launch at the watersports area for a daily launch fee.)

To Hire

Single (1 hour) £15.00
Double (1 hour) £25.00

Customers Own Equipment

Half Day (4 hours) £20.00
Must provide own life jackets

*All prices above include any equipment required for the activity.


SUPS (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

We have a dedicated area for Stand Up Paddle Boards where you can hire a paddle board from us & explore the lake. This is a great activity for families and friends and no prior experience is needed. (SUPs cannot be used in swimming areas, please only launch at the watersports area for a daily launch fee.)

To Hire

Paddle Board & Wetsuit (1 hour) £20.00


Water Skiing

From anything from two skis on the boom, to shredding the course on a mono, we can guide you through every aspect of a fantastic skiing session on the lake. We offer training and advice for newcomers, but if you’re something of an aspiring pro – have a go at our slalom course!

Standard Tow (15 mins) £29.00
Beginner Tow (15 mins) £35.00


From budding beginner to fancy-footed expert, we can really help you push your boundaries at wakeboarding – whether it’s learning to ride (and stay upright) or tweaking your inverts and showing off your acrobatic skills.

Standard Tow (15 mins) £29.00
Beginner Tow (15 mins) £35.00


The new challenge on the water and a must for all watersports enthusiasts… Wakeskating has no bindings, giving the ultimate feeling of freedom. Our oversized skateboard deck will test the balance and board skills of any rider, and although it requires a considerable amount of technical discipline, it guarantees a smile every single time.

Standard Tow (15 mins) £29.00
(Must be able to wakeboard)


Trail behind our boat without it pulling you along! Really test your balance and abilities when you drop the towrope and ride the wave behind the boat! See how long you can stay upright!

Standard Tow (10 mins) £29.00
(Must be able to wakesurf)


Really test your abilities on our slalom. Zigzag your way through the water and avoid all the obstacles we put in your way!

(6 passes or 3 laps) £29.00

Other Activities


Our enormous lake is full of many different species of fish and is perfect for a spot of fishing, so why not come and spend a relaxing day by the water and see what you can catch.

Customers are required to use their own equipment, and a valid Rod Fishing license must be provided upon purchasing a pass.

Day Ticket £10.00
Fishing Membership (April to October inclusive) £210.00

*Please note, our fishing lake is also used for our watersports, and so will have speedboats, kayaks and canoes on the water throughout the day.


Guests are welcome to swim in the designated swimming areas of the lake, soft inflatables can be used in these areas.

To book call 01865 300 501 or email: watersports@hardwickparks.co.uk . Advanced booking is essential at weekends and through June, July & August.