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Park Reviews

Great place – lake is excellent!

This is our second time at Hardwick and we love it… Quiet and friendly.

Lovely place go there every year.

Great setting and friendly staff: We stayed a night, but could have done a week. Great location next to lakes (where swimming is encouraged, though cold), great soft turf for camping, friendly staff, and plenty of space so you’re not too closed in.

Friendly quiet and lovely villages near by with a fab child’s play park.

Great Park, really nice layout –the lakes looks great, I sadly didn’t get a chance to fish them. The showers are powerful, hot and free and the staff are really friendly.

Watersports Reviews

Thanks to Tom and the team. With not a great deal of notice, they managed to pull together a great team event. A fun day enjoyed by all
– Kate Surey, Yum!

Working in a high-pressured job with a team that are dedicated to working long and hard hours, it is very important to recognise the need for team building activities in order to re-emphasise the power of “a team effort”, but also to let off some steam.

I wanted to remove the team from a desk related working environment, allowing the focus on a completely different set of tasks to what they are used to dealing with. Hardwick Parks provides just that freedom. Those activities that would face us on the day would be nothing less than challenging!! They required team effort, team thinking, and motivation!

Hardwick Watersports run their company on the passion of having fun but providing safe, challenging tasks and in my opinion has excelled in both these disciplines. The team talked about the event for days after and the ultimate value to me was that my team were pumped up and refreshed.”
Stephen Wickins, CA Technologies