Family Camping Activities and Games

A camping holiday is the perfect time to put away phones and tablets and unplug from technology for a week or weekend. It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and get in touch with nature and your surroundings.

However, you may be wondering how you are going to keep the family entertained without all their gizmos and gadgets. We’ve listed our favourite camping activities and games for children of all ages, perfect for all the family to enjoy together.

Bird watching

When you stay at Hardwick Parks, you will be surrounded by local wildlife. Why not take this opportunity to do some bird watching. See how many birds you can find and name across your holiday and keep a bird watching diary! It can be something fun for all the family to get involved in. 


Away from the light pollution of big cities, camping spots are often surrounded by countryside. This means that when night falls, the starlit sky can be much more easily viewed. Weather allowing, take out a blanket and lie on the grass and gaze up at the skies, see if you can pick out any constellations or if you’re lucky enough to see a shooting star!

Flashlight tag

Another night-time game, this is very much like your usual game of tag, only played in the dark with the aid of a torch. Make sure you have a safe place to navigate in the dark with no trip hazards and then pick someone to be ‘it’. While the person counts to 10, everyone must quickly hide, the person with the flashlight will then try to find people using only the light. Play until everyone is out and the last man standing wins!

Scavenger hunt

For younger kids, a scavenger hunt can be a really exciting adventure. Use online resources to print out some pre-made scavenger hunt lists and take them with you, or create your own custom-made list as a family! Some ideas of different things to include could be a pine cone, a clover, a stone in the shape of something, a flat rock, etc. Or, get more creative and ask for something small, colourful, rough or pretty!


Is there a better family activity than a BBQ? BBQs that use only gas or charcoal as fuel and are raised from the floor using bricks are allowed at Hardwick Parks. Once you’re all full of hotdogs and burgers, why not try making s’mores by toasting marshmallows above the BBQ!

Play ball

Take a break from games consoles and phones by playing a traditional game of ball! A ball can keep kids entertained for hours – pass a football, bring a baseball and catcher’s mitt, bounce a basketball or even try out a frisbee for hours of fun. Playing sports with a ball is great for kids of all ages and is an activity all the family can get involved in.

Shadow hand puppets

All you need is a torch and some creativity to play this game. Shine your light against a backdrop or your tent wall and use your hands to create a shape that will cast a shadow on the wall! See how many types of animal you can create and challenge each other to guess the creature.


Fishing is a great family camping activity for beginners and experienced fishers alike. Enjoy some time in the great outdoors with our stunning 51 acre and 47 acre lakes at Hardwick Parks. Our lakes are brimming with a variety of species of fish and the tranquil backdrop is sure to make for a relaxing family activity.


A family hike can be a great way to see the sights of the local area whilst getting some exercise and exploring the wide-open rural spaces. Hardwick Parks is conveniently located just a 30-minute drive away from the beautiful Cotswolds. There really is nowhere better for a hike than the gorgeous hilltops of the Cotswold countryside, boasting plenty of local wildlife and breath-taking views.

Book your perfect touring getaway at Hardwick Parks today and make the most of the amazing location and activities on offer in the heart of Oxfordshire. Visit the Hardwick Parks website for more detail. 

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