The Best Afternoon Tea in Oxfordshire

Whether it’s a beautiful, sunny day or a blustery, cold one, there’s nothing us Brits love more than a steaming hot brew paired with delicious fresh scones. So here’s our pick of the best places in Oxfordshire for a luxurious afternoon tea with the best food, location and views.

Old Swan

Nestled in prime location within the quaint Cotswolds, Old Swan is the perfect spot to sit back, relax and unwind with a cup of tea by the fireside, or, enjoy the outdoor gardens and the beautiful views of this picturesque region of Oxfordshire.

Choose to be served in the cosy pub or on the terrace. The ‘wind rush’ afternoon tea boasts a mouth-watering selection of savouries including smoked salmon, fennel & dill cream cheese sandwiches. A selection of desserts and, of course, fresh warm scones with all the extras are served in this idyllic spot.

Book your afternoon tea with Old Swan online now.

Eynsham Hall

For elegant surroundings, this grand 18th-century court house in the Cotswolds provides and amazing backdrop for you to enjoy the equally amazing range of treats and delicacies.

Afternoon tea can be taken in the Brasserie (once the manor house’s billiard room!) or, weather permitting, on the outdoor terrace. Enjoy a classic British tradition in the glamorous and decadent surroundings of this grand property. The menu features delicate finger sandwiches and gorgeous mini-desserts, including a tempting black forest gateau. If the lavish surroundings have got you feeling extra classy, why not upgrade your afternoon tea with a sumptuous glass of bubbles.

Book your afternoon tea with Eynsham Hall online now.

Champagne afternoon tea

Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Push the boat out during your visit to Oxfordshire and dine like royals in a leading 5-star hotel based in the heart of the famous university city. Macdonald Randolph Hotel oozes class, style and sophistication.

Enjoy afternoon tea in the Drawing Room and Lounge and absorb the classic charm of English fine dining at its best. This traditional afternoon tea includes a classic steaming pot of tea alongside fresh, sweet scones with clotted cream and fruity jam.

Whilst you’re here, take a moment to adventure over to Morse Bar, made famous by its namesake, Inspector Morse! Many scenes from the late TV show were shot here amongst the elegant furnishings. One for the bucket list for any fans out there!

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Cityscape of Oxfordshire


For a more trendy twist on the afternoon tea experience, why not try Malmaison Oxfordshire? A former Victorian prison, Malmaison was renovated in 1996 to become the chain hotel and restaurant we know it to be today.

The history of this quirky spot certainly adds some charm to the dining experience, not that the menu needs any more charm! This unique afternoon tea serves mini-burgers, wraps and rye bread alongside a mini-milkshake and some more traditional desserts and scones. Additionally, if you’re feeling cheeky why not upgrade to a cocktail afternoon tea for a delicious alcoholic twist on the British classic.

Book your afternoon tea with Malmaison now.

Cocktail afternoon tea

If all this talk of fine English countryside, cream tea and glorious architecture has got you wanting a break from the bustle of day-to-day life, then Hardwick Parks, located in stunning Oxfordshire, may be just what you need. Additionally, at just under a 30 minute drive away, the Cotswolds is just on our doorstep and a perfect place to rewind and relax with a spot of tea and cake! Learn more about Hardwick Parks, visit our website by clicking here.

What to Take Camping: A Quickstart Guide

If you’re new to the camping and touring, it can be a little overwhelming to know what essentials to take that might not seem so obvious at the time. As a touring park, we know our way around a campsite and are well versed in knowing what to pack for a great camping holiday.

To help you prepare for your next camping trip, we’ve decided to share our top 5 things to take camping. We’ve not included a tent or sleeping bag – but hopefully, these more obvious essentials are already on your packing checklist.

A Head Lamp

There are few things made easier by having one hand tied behind your back. When you’re camping and it’s dark however, this is basically what you’re stuck with. When you need to keep one hand on your touch or lantern, usually simple tasks like getting in and out of your tent to visit the bathroom becomes about 10 times harder.

A head lamp provides essential light while keeping both your hands free. Need to re-tie a knot or open a rucksack in the dark? Neither are a problem with a head lamp. They may not be the most fashionable thing in the world, but you’ll kick yourself for not bringing one!

A Mallet with Peg Puller

You might think that pushing your tent pegs in with your foot is a perfectly fine way to pitch your tent, but if the ground is hard – as it usually is during summer – then that’s a perfect recipe for a damaged shoe and a bent tent peg! A mallet will let you drive your tent pegs in properly and will ensure a secure tying point for your tent’s guide ropes.

Once you’ve got your tent pegs in nice and deep, how do you go about getting them back out again? Sometimes it can be hard to get them out by hand, but you should never just leave them in the ground. Instead, get yourself a tent peg pulling tool – they make uprooting your tent pegs easy.

To save space, why not pick up a combination mallet and peg puller? These are lightweight and inexpensive, making them perfect for a first-time camper.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a universally useful invention – but even more so in relation to camping. It’s perfect for temporary fixes around the tent, especially when fixing tears in the fabric of your tent or patching up a camping chair. Putting a strip of duct tape on both sides of the tear creates a strong and waterproof repair.

It can also be used to seal food packets, temporarily covering injuries or blisters, stopping a tablecloth from flying away in the wind and much more. A roll of duct tape (or two) is an essential and inexpensive addition to your camping checklist.

Camp Chairs

Comfort around the campsite isn’t limited to sleeping. Having a proper chair to sit in and relax makes a real difference when spending time around the campsite, whether you’re sitting and chatting with friends or just spending some quality time with a good book, it’s a lot nicer when you’ve all got a place to sit.

Camping chairs come in many different varieties, from basic folding chairs to camping high-chairs for babies to camping sofas and some stylish high tech reclining chairs – there’s a wide range to choose from. No matter what your preferences however, you’re bound to have a better time on holiday with a good camping chair.

A Roll Mat or Mattress and Other Bedding

While bringing a sleeping bag might be obvious, bringing something to put underneath it might not be. Whether it’s a basic foam roll mat or something more comfortable – like an air mattress or even a camp bed – you want something to provide a little padding or insulation. This isn’t just because the ground is hard and uncomfortable to sleep on, but during the night the ground gets very cold. Insulating yourself from the ground is a big part of staying warm during the night.

Hardwick Parks is a touring park and campsite set among the beautiful parkland of Oxfordshire. If you’re looking to take your first camping holiday, there are few places better to start! With an onsite bar, fishing and watersports lake, there’s so much to do in and around Hardwick Parks. Click here to learn more or to book a stay with us.

Things to do in Abingdon

Abingdon-on-Thames is a historic market town set in rural Oxfordshire, just six miles south of Oxford City Centre. It is a scenic town steeped in history and is the perfect place for a relaxing family day out. Abingdon is only a short 25 minute drive from Hardwick Parks and is well worth a visit on a nice summer’s day.

Hardwick Parks have put together a list of some of our favourite things to do in Abingdon with all the family.

Thames Path

The Thames Path is a National Trail which follows along the River Thames. It is 184 miles long and the entire length can be walked along. The path passes within a 2 minute walk of the town centre and many visitors choose to explore the path for a while, taking in the beautiful scenery, passing boats, and various bridges. The towering spire of St Helen’s Wharf can be seen above the river, creating a postcard-perfect view.

Abingdon Abbey Buildings, Gardens and Meadow
For a taste of history, it is well worth a visit to the remaining Abbey buildings as well as the gardens and meadow. The Benedictine Abbey was around the same size as Westminster Abbey and was the predominant feature of the town. Unfortunately, the abbey was dismantled during the reign of Henry VIII and only a few scattered medieval buildings remain. These are the Unicorn Theatre, Guildhall and Long Gallery and for those interested in history, they are well worth a visit! Nothing of the actual Abbey remains, however, the outline of the building can still be viewed at Abbey Gardens. Continue exploring by taking a stroll through the Abbey Meadows where you can enjoy the scenery and views.

Abingdon County Hall Museum

The museum itself is a stunning piece of architecture designed by a protégé of Sir Christopher Wren and was thought to be built between 1678 and 1682. Originally a courtroom, the building now houses the County Hall Museum with three floors of exhibit to visit as well as a rooftop offering stunning views over the Thames and beyond. The exhibitions centre on local history, culture and events and often houses many visitor activities.

Pendon Museum

A scale model museum for train and travel enthusiasts alike, the Pendon Museum preserves the rural scenes of the 1920s and 30s in miniature form. Some of the models on display took hundreds of hours to complete which is a testament to the amazing detail and accuracy of the miniatures. Families will love this attraction and they also host regular junior modelling workshops and family trails.

Hardwick Parks is a holiday and touring park located in the heart of Oxfordshire which makes it the perfect base for a day visit to Abingdon-on-Thames. Hardwick Parks itself offers 180 acres of stunning parkland with two lakes and gorgeous scenery. On-site fishing is a popular attraction as well as a variety of other watersports including waterskiing and kayaking.

To book your summer break at Hardwick Parks, click here to visit the website.

Walking Tours in Oxford

Oxford is a city famous for its history, culture and heritage. With plenty of momentous buildings to see, rich histories to unravel and famous footsteps to follow in, the very best way to view the gorgeous architecture of Oxford is on foot.

Hardwick Parks is just 30 minutes away from Oxford city centre and is the perfect base for a fantastic day out for all the family. Whether you’re interested in literature, film, TV or local history, there’s an amazing walking tour to suit your interests. So, get your comfiest shoes on and get ready to be astounded by the beauty and culture this glorious city has to offer.

Oxford University Tours

Oxford University is famous around the world for being one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on the planet. Aside from the outstanding academic achievements of the university, the campus is also widely known for its stunning architecture and design. Oxford is not a campus university, therefore department buildings are located across the city centre, forming a great route to take in the scenic views of the buildings and the city itself.

Book your visit around the University by clicking here.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Potterheads and film fans alike will adore the Harry Potter Walking Tour which takes you on a fun adventure through some of the famous filming locations behind the magic of the big screen. Visit Bodleian Library where you may recognise the Gothic ceiling from the Hogwarts Infirmary in The Philosopher’s Stone before moving on to the famous Christ Church which provided the backdrop for many scenes in the Harry Potter movies, including the Great Dining Hall and Hogwart’s Staircase.

Book now by clicking here.

CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien Walking Tour

Back by popular demand in 2020, the Literary Oxford Tour takes you to the places that inspired the great fantasy writers CS Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia series and JRR Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings series. This 2-hour tour takes you around the old haunts of these celebrated writers and allows you to walk in their footsteps through the many colleges and pubs associated with them.

Book early to avoid disappointment, places are limited on each date.

Oxford Ghost Tour

For those fearless explorers who are looking for something more spooky, the Oxford Ghost Tour is the perfect opportunity for ghoul lovers and thrill-seekers alike. The knowledgeable tour guide will take you through some of the bleakest moments of Oxfordshire’s rich history and the places they occurred. The tour begins after the sun has set and the eerie light of dusk casts its glow across the Dreaming Spires of Oxford. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes… if you make it that far.

Book your terrifying tour here

Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour Tour

Amongst the many things Oxford is well-known for, Inspector Morse is one of the most well-loved. The popular TV show that starred John Thaw as the famous detective, graced TV sets across the country for 13 years and has even inspired popular TV spin-offs – Lewis and Endeavour. This walking tour allows you to see the filming locations first hand and get an inside scoop into the stories and sights that shaped the series.

Follow in the Inspector’s footsteps and book today by clicking here.

When your feet are aching and you need a nice warm spot to curl up in, what could be better than retiring to Hardwick Parks! Bring your caravan, motorhome or campervan along or stay in our of our comfortable static caravan holiday lets and enjoy the fabulous sights and tours on offer in stunning Oxfordshire. Book your summer holiday today by visiting our site or calling 01865 300501.

Family Camping Activities and Games

A camping holiday is the perfect time to put away phones and tablets and unplug from technology for a week or weekend. It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and get in touch with nature and your surroundings.

However, you may be wondering how you are going to keep the family entertained without all their gizmos and gadgets. We’ve listed our favourite camping activities and games for children of all ages, perfect for all the family to enjoy together.

Bird watching

When you stay at Hardwick Parks, you will be surrounded by local wildlife. Why not take this opportunity to do some bird watching. See how many birds you can find and name across your holiday and keep a bird watching diary! It can be something fun for all the family to get involved in. 


Away from the light pollution of big cities, camping spots are often surrounded by countryside. This means that when night falls, the starlit sky can be much more easily viewed. Weather allowing, take out a blanket and lie on the grass and gaze up at the skies, see if you can pick out any constellations or if you’re lucky enough to see a shooting star!

Flashlight tag

Another night-time game, this is very much like your usual game of tag, only played in the dark with the aid of a torch. Make sure you have a safe place to navigate in the dark with no trip hazards and then pick someone to be ‘it’. While the person counts to 10, everyone must quickly hide, the person with the flashlight will then try to find people using only the light. Play until everyone is out and the last man standing wins!

Scavenger hunt

For younger kids, a scavenger hunt can be a really exciting adventure. Use online resources to print out some pre-made scavenger hunt lists and take them with you, or create your own custom-made list as a family! Some ideas of different things to include could be a pine cone, a clover, a stone in the shape of something, a flat rock, etc. Or, get more creative and ask for something small, colourful, rough or pretty!


Is there a better family activity than a BBQ? BBQs that use only gas or charcoal as fuel and are raised from the floor using bricks are allowed at Hardwick Parks. Once you’re all full of hotdogs and burgers, why not try making s’mores by toasting marshmallows above the BBQ!

Play ball

Take a break from games consoles and phones by playing a traditional game of ball! A ball can keep kids entertained for hours – pass a football, bring a baseball and catcher’s mitt, bounce a basketball or even try out a frisbee for hours of fun. Playing sports with a ball is great for kids of all ages and is an activity all the family can get involved in.

Shadow hand puppets

All you need is a torch and some creativity to play this game. Shine your light against a backdrop or your tent wall and use your hands to create a shape that will cast a shadow on the wall! See how many types of animal you can create and challenge each other to guess the creature.


Fishing is a great family camping activity for beginners and experienced fishers alike. Enjoy some time in the great outdoors with our stunning 51 acre and 47 acre lakes at Hardwick Parks. Our lakes are brimming with a variety of species of fish and the tranquil backdrop is sure to make for a relaxing family activity.


A family hike can be a great way to see the sights of the local area whilst getting some exercise and exploring the wide-open rural spaces. Hardwick Parks is conveniently located just a 30-minute drive away from the beautiful Cotswolds. There really is nowhere better for a hike than the gorgeous hilltops of the Cotswold countryside, boasting plenty of local wildlife and breath-taking views.

Book your perfect touring getaway at Hardwick Parks today and make the most of the amazing location and activities on offer in the heart of Oxfordshire. Visit the Hardwick Parks website for more detail. 

Oxford Christmas Market

Returning for its 10th year, the Oxford Christmas Market opened its doors to the general public on the 5th of December 2019. Ready to get everyone into the festive spirit in the countdown to Christmas, the market is open from 10am – 8pm Thursdays to Saturdays and till 6.30pm Sunday to Wednesday.

At just a short 30-minute drive from Hardwick Parks, and with plenty of parking available in the city centre, our guests love a day out to the historic city of Oxford. The city has so much to offer, from the stunning spires that fill the skyline to the modern and diverse high street, there’s plenty to love. The Christmas Market brings crowds of tourists to the city, ready to enjoy the festivities with a steaming mug of mulled wine and delicious food from one of the market’s diverse range of exhibitors.

The traditional wooden stands, decorated with wreaths and lights, sell a whole wealth of Christmassy hand-crafted goods and gifts. Treat yourself or buy some extra presents for your friends and family. There’s almost too much to choose from with around 60 stands sprawling across Broad Street. Traders include:

Oxford Candle Makers – handmade candles using distinctive beeswax make the perfect Christmas treat. They even sell an exclusive Christmas range including Nordic Pine, Figgy Pudding and Silent Night scents.

Amica Felt – specialising in beautiful handmade felt crafts, these fair trade gifts and decorations are adorable and make perfect presents for children.

Shany Design Studio – browse unique jewellery designs featuring modern geometric patterns inspired by elements of nature, the perfect romantic prezzie.

Moonlighting – individually hand-crafted bottle lights that add an ambient glow to the room.

Feeling peckish after browsing all the stalls? No worries! The market features some tempting local traders bringing you a range of delicious eats for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian options. Why not try The Chipsmyths, a father and son street food business serving delicious loaded chips, or for something more traditional, a hog roast is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. What’s more, a Christmas market wouldn’t be complete without some currywurst or hotdogs from German Bratwurst or even a steaming mug of Glühwein from Winter Warmers.

Got a sweet tooth? There’s no better time to dig into some delicious sweet treats than Christmas. Oxford has got you covered with Crêpes O Mania serving up mouth-watering sweet and savoury crêpes, or get a taste of Mexico with Los Churros Amigos dishing up freshly made churros bursting with cinnamon and served alongside a melted chocolate dip.

The market has something for everyone this yuletide season. The kids will love the classic Victorian Carousel and why not treat them to a surprise visit to Santa as Father Christmas himself will be visiting on the 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th and 21st of December. Performances from local choirs and singers throughout the month will also fill the town centre with Christmas spirit, the 2019 market is certainly not one to be missed.

The beautiful city of Oxford is always bustling with events and exciting activities. Come to Hardwick Parks with your caravan, motorhome, campervan or tent and enjoy a fantastic day out in Oxford. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. Or call us and discuss buying your very own home from home on the banks of our lakes. Not ready to buy your own? Make use of one of our modern static caravan let fleet to enjoy your holiday in style.

Exploring Henley-on-Thames

Located just outside of the Chilterns to the south of Witney, is the town of Henley-on-Thames. This attractive market town is well known for its beauty, having been voted as one the best places to live in the countryside by The Times and is a regular recipient of Britain in Bloom awards. The town’s looks are enough to warrant a visit on their own, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all that Henley-on-Thames has to offer. So join us as we journey to the south of Oxfordshire and explore this Thames-side town, within an hour’s drive of Hardwick Parks.

Henley started hosting its Royal Regatta in 1839 and has run the event every year since – apart from during times of war. Unlike other regattas around Britain, the focus of the event at Henley is competitive rowing. Every July, visitors and competitors flock from all over the globe to watch as a whole fleet of rowboats race along the 1 mile and 550-yard race course. With the whole town getting involved in the festivities, creating something of an Edwardian atmosphere, there’s no more exciting time to pay a visit to Henley than during Regatta season.

Further cementing their place in the world of boating and rowing, Henley is also home to the River & Rowing Museum. Opening in 1998, the museum delights visitors with the history of the town, the River Thames as well as the town’s favourite pastime and method of transport.

Henley-on-Thames isn’t just about boating however, the town has a place in motoring history too. Henley was once the home of Morris Motors founder and philanthropist, Sir William Morris – later known as Lord Nuffield. Nuffield Place, as the house is named, is maintained by the National Trust and has been preserved just as it would have been left – giving visitors an honest glimpse into the lives of Lord and Lady Nuffield. Of special note is Lady Nuffield’s Wolseley Eight luxury motor car, which is kept on site and is the only road-worthy historical vehicle owned by the Trust.

For fans of ITV’s Midsomer Murders, Henley-on-Thames may offer some all-too-familiar sights, with several of the towns landmarks, pubs and streets being used in multiple episodes. The aforementioned Henley Regatta was even used as the ‘Midsomer Regatta’ in the episode “Dead in the Water”. Several tours are available for fans of Detective Barnaby’s exploits, including self-guided foot and car tours as well as bookable boating and guided tours. If you’re not a Midsomer fan, then Henley is surrounded by many other famous filming locations, including sites used in Downtown Abbey, Poirot, James Bond and of course, Inspector Morse.

Between the pomp and festivities of the regatta, the family home of one of England’s leading car manufacturers and the connections with an all-time British favourite TV show, there’s something quintessentially English about a visit to Henley-on-Thames. Just an hour’s drive from Witney, the home of Hardwick Parks, Henley-on-Thames makes for a perfect stop off point between Witney and London or the South, or as the venue for a day out filled with traditional English fun.

To learn more about the area surrounding Hardwick Parks, or to make a booking for the 2019 season, visit our website today.

Country Pubs in Oxfordshire – Our Favourite Spots

With the depths of winter fast approaching, there could be nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon next to a roaring fire in one of Oxfordshire’s finest country pubs. The local area has so many gastropubs to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best spot to put your feet up! Hardwick Parks have put together a list of our favourite spots for a delicious bite to eat with stunning surroundings, whatever time of the year!

The Killingworth Castle

A 17th-century coaching inn located in a rural setting on the edge of the Cotswolds, The Killingsworth Castle is a lovely spot for a cosy meal steeped in history. Serving the people of Oxfordshire since 1637, this charming inn is just a few miles from Blenheim Palace and the market town of Woodstock. It even boasts famous regulars such as Sir Winston Churchill, whose birthplace is close by. This dog-friendly spot proudly serves amazing organic produce as well as sumptuous cream teas and a regular Sunday lunch.

Book your table online today.

The Chequers

This rustic village pub and garden has an open-plan interior, featuring low beams and rafters, giving the place a quintessentially English feel. The cosy candle-lit tables and plush furniture, as well as the wood-burner roaring away, create the perfect environment for a relaxing winter afternoon. The friendly atmosphere combined with the locally brewed beers and fresh locally produced ingredients make The Chequers a country pub not to miss. Why not try the seasonal autumn/winter feast menu, great for sharing with family and friends!

Reserve your table today.

The Nut Tree Inn

Proudly flaunting their Michelin Star since 2008, The Nut Tree Inn is a fantastic spot for some fine wining and dining in Oxfordshire. The traditional country pub has 15th-century origins and its quaint thatched roof epitomises the great British countryside. The productive kitchen garden, complete with rooting pigs and ducks, add to the picturesque nature of the inn; it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. Head down to The Nut Tree Inn on Wednesdays to Sundays and try out the award-winning cuisine.

Book online to avoid disappointment.

The Royal Oak

This restored 18th-century inn has original exposed beams, wooden panelling and stylish furnishings for a classic country pub feel. The open fire roars through the winter months, keeping you nice and warm as you relax with a drink. Just a 20-minute stroll from the central train station and with easy bus links through the city, The Royal Oak is worth a visit. Try their seasonal food and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Book your table today.

Hardwick Parks holiday, touring and water sports park is perfectly situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire area, with the stunning Cotswolds just on the doorstep. Escape to the country in your tent, touring caravan or enjoy one of our static caravans and experience the natural charm of the local area. Find out more about Hardwick Parks by visiting our website today.

Oxford Night Out – Our Favourite Places

Who doesn’t love a good night on the town? Historic Oxfordshire is a bustling city full of unique bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, perfect for a fabulous night out. So whether it’s rib-tickling comedy, tantalising cocktails, delicious food or amazing music you’re after, Oxford will have something for everyone’s tastes. Hardwick Parks have put together a list of our favourite places for a fantastic night out this autumn.

The Varsity Club

Located centrally on the High Street is four levels of amazing food and drinks at The Varsity Club. Watch the sun set over gorgeous Oxfordshire from the luxury of the rooftop lounge. Boasting stunning views across the city skyline, this is one rooftop bar you definitely won’t want to miss out on during your time in Oxford. We know that winter is fast approaching, but don’t worry! Awnings, gas burner heaters and even heated seats will keep you toasty as you enjoy a selection of wines, beers, ciders and champagnes. All these luxuries don’t have to come at a price, however! The Varsity Club offer an amazing cocktail package allowing you to get a prosecco reception and 2 cocktails from the menu for only £20. Fancy partying into the small hours of the morning? Operating an over 21s door policy, The Varsity Club’s bar and dance floor is open until 3 am on weekends and is highly praised for its ambient adult atmosphere.

View The Varsity Club’s website to see food menus, cocktail menus and more.

The Glee Club Oxford

The legendary Glee Club is famous for its amazing comedy venues across the UK, hosting national and international comics, gigs and other spoken word shows and talks. The Glee Club Oxford is located just off the High Street on Cowley Road and is the home of comedy in Oxford. Weekly Saturday night comedy shows host 4 stand-ups from the comedy circuit and is sure to be a hilarious night full of laughs. Warning, these sell out quickly so book in advance to avoid any disappointment! Coming up next month is a fantastic event for any Potter-heads out there. ‘Spontaneous Potter’ is an improvised Harry Potter comedy that is sure to be a barrel of laughs; audience participation is welcome!

Book online to ensure you don’t miss out.

Thirsty Meeples

Something a little more unusual is Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe. Open until midnight every night and 11 pm on Sundays, Thirsty Meeples has over 2,500 card and board games to choose from to enjoy alongside craft beer, cider, wine, gins and cocktails at the bar. For just a small cover charge, you have access to the vast variety of games on offer, simply grab whichever you fancy from the shelf and take it back to your table. Game gurus are even on hand to help you select the perfect game based on the number of people in your group, your interests and skillsets. What’s more, table service is available so your food and drinks can come right to you and you don’t have to lose your winning streak!

A popular destination, book now to avoid disappointment.

The Jericho Tavern

Open till midnight Thursday to Sunday, The Jericho Tavern is a charming piece of history in Oxfordshire. It originally opened in the late 80s and played a big role in the rock music scene, even hosting Radiohead who played here under the name ‘On a Friday’ back in 1986! Though it may look like a typical British pub from the outside, inside it has a bohemian feel and a truly unique atmosphere. The large beer garden can accommodate up to 120 people and has sheltered tables for those not-so-pleasant rainy days. The Jericho Tavern is the perfect place to sample craft drinks, have a bite to eat and catch some live music for a fabulous night out.

Click here to browse menus, drinks and upcoming events.

We love Oxford, and we know you will too. Hardwick Parks is a holiday and touring park located in the heart of Oxfordshire, perfectly based to make the most of the amazing nightlife on offer in the gorgeous city centre. To find out more about our pitches and holiday homes, click here.

Best Places to Shop in Oxfordshire

Nothing beats a cheeky bit of retail therapy and Oxfordshire offers plenty of exciting places to shop and explore. From glamorous boutiques, independent stores, big brands and outlets, there’s a variety of shopping centres, markets and villages to fill all of your shopping desires and needs. Who doesn’t like to treat themselves on holiday? Take a break from relaxing at Hardwick Parks to visit the fabulous shopping centres listed below.

The Oxford Covered Market

A hidden gem in the famous university city, the Oxford Covered Market is a historic market dating back to the 1770s! With a long-standing heritage and culture, many stalls in the market are family owned and have been passed down through the generations, making it an amazing place to visit if you want to support local business and get a taste of history. The market offers a unique range of local produce, handcrafted items, independent businesses and plenty of food to choose from too! Home to over 40 traders selling a variety of goods, from food to fashion to flowers, the Oxford covered market is the perfect place to browse, especially on a rainy day!

Explore the Oxford covered market here.

Westgate Oxford

Offering 800,000 sq ft. of shopping mall, Westgate Oxford is any shopping lover’s dream. Spread across 3 levels including a roof terrace and featuring prestigious global brands as well as the best of the British high street, you really can shop ’til you drop here. The bold architectural design of the mall makes it a stunning place to visit and the variety of stores mean you won’t get bored easily. Proudly boasting more than 100 shops and restaurants and kitted out with an array of bars on the rooftop terrace, Westgate offers amazing chances to eat and shop as well as enjoy views across the whole city. If that isn’t enough, why not try Westgate Social Street Food for some truly tantalising dishes. With a range of resident and pop up street traders, you can guarantee to find something to fill up on when you’re all shopped out.

Explore Westgate Oxford Shopping centre here.

Thame Markets

If you’re looking for something a bit different from a modern shopping centre, why not visit Thame, a historic market town in the heart of Oxfordshire. Granted a market charter in 1215, the market has been returning every week since then come rain or shine. The markets even celebrated their 800th birthday with a special visit from Princess Anne herself! Come visit the historic Tuesday Charter Market and you can be assured of a vibrant day full of unique gifts, clothes, homeware and more. The second Tuesday of each month also hosts the Farmer’s Market where you can find fresh local produce at an amazing price. Look out for the specialist markets that visit Thame as well, up next is the French Market visiting the 4th and the 5th of October and bringing with it local craft, food, drinks and many other French goodies.

Find out more about the market an village of Thame here.

Bicester Village

If the sun is shining and you’re in the mood to find a bargain, Bicester Village might be just up your street. An open-air shopping centre founded in 1992 on the outskirts of Oxfordshire, Bicester Village offers a luxury shopping experience at a discount price! Packed with world-renowned brands to browse through, there is plenty to peruse at Bicester Village and with savings of up to 60% on luxury brands, what’s not to like! This amazing outlet centre will have you saving money all year round and there’s also plenty of restaurants, cafe’s and pop-ups to explore as well.

Explore Bicester Village here.

Shop ’til you drop and then rest your sleepy head at Hardwick Parks Holiday and Touring Park! Park your tourer or motorhome or pitch your tent on one of our 196 pitches available or if you don’t fancy camping, choose a static holiday home with all the little home comforts you could need in life. Book your stay with Hardwick Parks today.